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  1. i need to post this for my later justice work. Today aug 22 2019 around 11am an Cheney officer and University police pulled up. i had run out of gas and parked at a park by the University the officer said a woman and her child said i kept looking at them then said they had on video of me following them home. Any one who knows me knows this is bearing false witness. The Officer did say "what if i said" which could mean he made it up plus he did give me $4.00 for gas. Either way only fib has the teck to make a false video like that. As soon as i have the money this is a clear liable suit. i want the woman! If the officers just did that because they want me away from the University and there is no video then no suit will be filed. i have no interest in the University and should of stayed away and will stay away. Randy Thomas Poole aug-22-2019-5:20p
  2. Xney that last post and welcome to Spokane Washington. Things are exploding...ed

  3. Holding up on any new zeda's being started beyond Joseph to Cannon Beach. Just for the time being so liability study's can be made. Thanks...ed

  4. In 1981 or 2 i think (amx knows.) Greg and i went to Mazatlan Mexico, we rented an small like 3 man catamaran w/ a sail. We get out past the island rock there in the bay and the swells start picking up, right now i am thinking 20' swells but most likely 4' but still we are in the Ocean and i yell Greg turn us around we are going to get caught in a current! Needless to say Big Water is scary and it is exactly how i feel right now w/ zeda we are going to slow things down. i am a zealot when it comes to posting misery on this network. Right now will not post business that deal in child or adult care or business that enter Peoples homes until an SOP is established...ed (more is coming.)

  5. We are an accounting firm. People will donate with specific rules as to where, what & how there money will go, with everything we are we will Honor these rules. The first order of business after the 12 are up is to build the office of the future for our accounting. Some quick ideas for the office we plan to cement the servers in a gold plated vault in the floor with glass steel on top so You can look in. When You look down into the building You will see this 24c gold heart of the building (yes i am the coolest person in the world:). Anyway i first thought of sealing someone in the vault for 3 months to physically unplug the main net trunk from the building when not in use. (i laughed so hard when i first thought of this.) But it gives You an idea just how far the office of the future will go. Planning to build it in Bend, Oregon. Next we will make trickle grants (do not pay back.) to zeda starters i want to focus on rural first. But it will most likely be more like an nuclear reaction. And i don't care about how many People You could help, i only care about the accounting getting done.

  6. There will Be 24 chocolate bars w/ 24 golden tickets. Placed in 24 different chocolate bar makers around the world. The golden ticket has a secret phone number and a secret word. Call or text fast and give us Your name and gps. You are too represent the Human Race's money. Out of the 24 people 12 will be picked to keep the editor in check. Any large purchase/expenditure will have to be approved by both the 12 and the editor. Someone under 16 will choose an Family member. They will make the same wage as the editor $10k month. zeda is different there are no stock holders to pay so the People working for zeda will be the highest pay'ed on Earth.

  7. My back pay is from Sept 1997 to Jan 1 2020 i am asking for an 1 million dollars per year ($23,400,000.00) and i leave no strings attached. Randy Thomas Poole

  8. Tower this is Rocket Ship randY ready for take off. Roger Randy runway 111...11. Tower randY is that runway 5? No that would be runway 5, runway 111...11! Roger Tower runway 111 11 ready for take off. Clear randY safe trip. Thanks Tower have a Great weekend randY out.

  9. i am throwing old stuff in

  10. The's Chef Editors job will run an 4 year term with one re election term if won. Vote dates will co-inside with America's vote date. My Randy T Poole first 4 year term will start Jan 1, 2020 Randy T Poole. Voting date Nov 3rd. Gender voting only. After an Natural Female is Chef Editor only an Natural Male can become Chef Editor and like wise. By alternating gender every election, we are looking for the Female and Male soul if You will to be shown in there management.

  11. ad ad & ads. add us too Your ad budget, Thanks...rtp

"The buck stops here! Thanks"...ed

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