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  1. Tower this is Rocket Ship randY ready for take off. Roger Randy runway 111...11. Tower randY is that runway 5? No that would be runway 5, runway 111...11! Roger Tower runway 111 11 ready for take off. Clear randY safe trip. Thanks Tower have a Great weekend randY out.
  2. i am throwing old stuff in
  3. The's Chef Editors job will run an 4 year term with one re election term if won. Vote dates will co-inside with America's vote date. My Randy T Poole first 4 year term will start Jan 1, 2020 Randy T Poole. Voting date Nov 3rd. Gender voting only. After an Natural Female is Chef Editor only an Natural Male can become Chef Editor and like wise. By alternating gender every election, we are looking for the Female and Male soul if You will to be shown in there management.
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