randY Thomas Poole
The New Oregon Trail


May 26, 1959 born

1977 to 2001 - Self-Employed installing Interlocking Paving Stones. The name of my company is MarketStone. Job included payroll, bookkeeping, taxes, biding, material management, job completion, billing, hiring, motivating employees.

2001 - Divorced also the Oregon employment department canceled my contractors license over a $5,700.00 debt. ( i kinda got hit in the stomach that year .(

2000 to present - The Runner of ( starting over, do not let looks fool You. i will never fail because i will never give up.)

2005 - 2006 - Self-Employed doing "Emergency Office Work" dba

2005 - 2019 - Self-Employed doing "ar, Web Applications & Data Base Design" dba

bird from doddle i did w/ corel draw, 1998 i think. rtp


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